Saw Rehab #3

dovetailSaw (sorry) this cute dovetail saw on ebay and got bit by the ebay crap shoot. What looks like a brass back is colored (or brass plated) steel, the saw plate is warped AND twisted and the back has more moves than a hula dancer. Oh well, it was cheap and I’m going to learn a few things with this one. First the plate. I was actually able to sorta straighten it out but it took a while and a light touch to avoid kinking the thin plate (0.030”). What looks like a an angled plate is actually the back set deeper on the front. I think the back might be a lost cause but I might be able to remill the slot. I didn’t want to de-rust the blade by scrubbing, that was a lot of work so I googled electrolysis (de-rusting with electrons: article and another article). A [car] battery charger is usually used as an electron source but I don’t have one. But I *do* have one hellacious DC power source (arc welder). Hmmm, this could work or it could vaporize the blade. Short story, it worked and I resisted the temptation to see how fast I could de-rust things at 250 amps. Things got plenty warm at 30-50 amps.

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