Saw Rehab

I got the [western] hand saw bug (thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bad as my plane obsession) and picked up some cheap saws on ebay. I’ve been using [cheap] Japanese pull saws but wanted some tools I can modify/sharpen. Maybe later, I’ll make some from scratch. Here are a couple tennon saws (rip backsaw).


The top saw (#1) has a Mahogany handle (unexpected bonus) that didn’t all that bad. It is a rust bucket but not nasty. The bottom saw looks like Beech and feels gawd awful.  Light rust. A cheap saw. Perfect! I can go to town and not care if I destroy them. Took #1 apart (one saw plate, one back, one handle and three screws), cleaned the blade using all kinds of chemicals (paint thinner, phosphoric acid) and tons of elbow grease. Too much work. Then sanded with oil. Then the fun part, carving up the handle. Actually, I didn’t do much wood removal, mostly rounded things.
The handle was infused with linseed oil and varnished. And no, it didn’t cut that slot, the teeth are so dull (after I jointed the blade), it would have to gum its way in. The plan is to re-sharpen and convert it to a cross cut (carcass) saw. Gotta order some files and saw sets.

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