Wedge Pin and Strike Button

The wedge pin is attached last, now that all body milling has been finished. I thought about using a plate but couldn’t come up with a design I thought would look good. A pin is easy – no angles to worry about. I didn’t want a round pin because it can dent the wedge. So I milled a 3/8” flat on the pin.

A strike button is a chunk of metal you can smack with a hammer to move the blade, a better alternative to denting the plane body. I used a piece of 1/2” steel drill rod, drilled it for a 1/4” x 20 cap screw and chamfered it to fit the back of the plane.

An undersized hole was drilled for the cross pin. Rather than smash the pin to hold it in place, I heated the plane (to expand the hole) and froze the pin (to shrink it) and pressed them together. I don’t think the temp deferential was big enough to make much difference but the press fit did.

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