Beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat

(The Ramones)
Ugg, what a pain. The saw plate just didn’t want to go nicely into straightness, so force became necessary. Did minimal reading and proceeded to abuse the plate with a [small] ball peen hammer. Gentle taps didn’t do diddly, and smacking it wasn’t a good feeling but got things moving. The plate was a real mess, I think it was out over a 1/16” (forgot to measure) in both planes, got it down to a few thousandths. The back I couldn’t figure how to hold in the mill without warpage, so I just beat it into submission. Truly ugly, major force was used to get it straight in the x axis but it looks like banana.


The plate is rectangular, the back has a 1/8” bow in the middle. But things are straight. The pencil marks are where the major warps were. The hammer marks (on the plate) don’t show up in the photo but they are there. Surprisingly enough, no teeth were broken, that will probably happen when I set them.

You can sorta see the teeth poking out from under the ruler. But no light. I think  it is within one or two thousands of an inch but didn’t want to push my luck by poking feeler gauges at it. I think this will always be a crappy saw but hopefully it will be good for something (other than experience). Maybe a spatula?

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