Blade Holder

On my bike ride today, I mulled over clever ways to hold the blade. I came up with every clever idea using expanding wedges to draw a bar across the blade to press it against the wood. And the guts would be hidden inside the wood. My guess the only thing worse than adjusting it would be making it. Punt. Since I wanted to make something, I choose this simple straddle arrangement
I milled out a U shaped aluminum (1/4” inside, 1/2” outside, 1” long with a 1/4” nose to hide the press screw in). I milled down the beam send to a 1/4” tennon. The bolt is a though bolt with threads on the other side, it pinches the wood. I cut a 1 1/2” x 1/4” x 1/16” piece of O-1 for the blade (still needs a bevel and heat treat), the front bolt presses the blade to the wood. The blade can’t twist because it the same size as straddle. Bolts are 10×24 stainless. I’ll need to replace the side bolt with a button head so it can retract into the body. Seems to work just fine, it is very solid and I can securely hold the beam with the blade next to the body. I wish it wasn’t so damn industrial looking.

Attempting to thread a dowel with die was a complete failure. I’m going to mount a router to my [metal] lathe and use a 60 degree (thread pitch) router bit to cut threads in wood (the lathe has a thread lead screw). I’ll need it to make my bench vise screw, I can also it to make little screws like the one that presses on the beam. But that is a couple of projects out.

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