Another One Bites the Sawdust

A Globe Master backsaw. I think Globe Master is probably the West Germany equivalent of Harbor Freight. Not much meat in the back but the saw plate seems like good steel (0.028”). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With the rivets gone, I set about finding cheap replacements, the local hardware store had these nice looking brass plated bolt and T nuts for something or another, seemed like an acceptable imitation medallion. They are OK but were about 3/8” too wide so I hade chop the screw and add some threads to the nut. I didn’t find anything else so I made some aluminum split nuts on the lathe, cut the slot on the mill (very cheap because I had all the materials). Then enlarge and counter sink the bolt holes, which wasn’t fun because, as the rivet holes were already there, I had nothing to index on. I did the medallion with chisels (I didn’t have the right sized cutter or Forstner bit) and used end mills to counter sink the T nuts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Sharpening the saw was a breeze because it just needed a touch up, it is rip and I could index off of the teeth. The saw is bit of a bear get started and takes some horse power keep going but cuts fast. Maybe a bit more hook on the teeth. One thing that became very apparent is that the hump in the back of the handle is too big and digs into my hand when shoving the saw. Didn’t notice that when holding it during shaping. If this saw gets any use, that will have to change.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It does hold a line nicely. You can sorta see the I was sawing to below the blade. I’m impressed I can do this since this is my first experience with western saws (I’ve been using Japanese saws).

Addendum – I got some Great Neck saw screws and they are nice (no medallion however). And cheap. And chrome. Google is your friend. Would have worked just fine for this project if I had planed ahead instead of plowing ahead.

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