The Zen Master’s Saw Vise

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A zen master doesn’t need no steekling mega tech chunk of metal to sharpen a saw. A zen master is self contained, in total control. A ZM can almost sharpen a saw by thought alone, needing only two sticks, such as these:
(Should the ZM live in a tough neighborhood, a short piece of chain can convert this saw vise into a defensive device. It is almost as if they are the ZM’s equivalent of the intrepid galactic hitchhikers towel.).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
As the number of clamps in the universe is only reviled by the number of electrons (hence the saying “you can’t have too many clamps” as there is, basically, an infinite number of them), any two can used hold the sticks.

The sticks then hold the saw and the ZM is ready to become one with the saw file. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It actually works quite well, here is the procedure:
– Clamp sticks while clamps are on bench (basically, while it is easy to do), no saw.
– Clamp vise to bench (I just stick the the two hind legs of the clamps in the bench vise).
– Remove sticks.
– Put sticks on saw plate, height is not important, it will be adjusted in a minute.
– Open clamps a bit and put sticks + saw in vise.
– Close one clamp, set saw height on other clamp, tighten.
– Set height on first clamp.
– Done. The saw is now solidly mounted at a nice height.
I use the bottom screws to get maximum pressure with the least amount of effort (leverage is your friend), not that I think it matters. The plate is held quite tightly. If not, add a clamp in the middle. I used fir construction 2x4s to make the sticks (13.5” x 1” x 3/4”). Give yourself enough room to clamp the plate back by the handle. The mortises keep the sticks from dropping when the clamps are opened. The tops of the sticks are writing surfaces for fleam angles, etc.

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