Hope in a Hopeless World

(Widespread Panic song)
Here is what can be charitably called a charity case, if not a total loss. An old brass backed Spear & Jackson:
 toe copynuts 
The toe of the saw plate has a big crack, I cut that off just to see what the steel was like (it is pretty nice). Huge pits, and I mean huge; I’m guessing over 0.005, which is over 25% of the plate thickness. The plate under the spine is rusted away in spots. Whoever owned this tool was gods gift to sweat or stored their tools in salt water (or both). They also, apparently, didn’t own a screw driver but did own a BF hammer, which was used to squeeze the spine (which apparently didn’t work as they also added pins) and tighten the saw nuts. The screws were mushroomed, bent, the threads are a mess and one was broken. The beatings gave the spine an arc of over 1/4”, some warpage and a variable sized slot. The wood isn’t too bad; the horns are busted, as is the lambs tongue and the plate slot is full of grunge but generally sound.

Oh well, I have $10 invested and the steel is good, I might as well see what I can do with it. I can go as crazy as I want, nothing to lose here. As I don’t have any steel for a new plate let’s see why they say pitted blades are hopeless.

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