Read and Ye Shall Learn

Some times it takes a while for me to see the nose on the end of my face. As I was re-reading Saw Filing – A Beginner’s Primer (Vintage Saws Library), I noticed:

Some people actually make a jig which consists of a ¾” by ¾” square piece of stock. In the center, saw a slot which is 25 degrees to the right of perpendicular. Saw to a depth of about ¼”. Flip the stick over, and file a slot 25 degrees to the left of perpendicular. Finally, place the jig on the saw blade.

fleam jig2Sounds like something that would help me keep things in line. Here is my version. I use two slots so it is bi-directional.
It really worked well for me and is sooo simple.

fleam jig

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