Get a Grip

Since the new spine is over powering the original handle, I decided to make a new handle (which means the only original part left from the saw I bought is the blade, glad it was cheap). I like Spear & Jackson handles so they were the major influence on my design. I took a piece of paper, outlined the original saw & handle (to get the “hang” and locations) and went to town with modifications. I used my S & J saw and some S & J photos as references and mixed in some other saws to make my own gumbo.

After tens of revisions, I came up with:
(Click for full size image)

Then I took a 7/8” slab of Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and removed most of it (I’ll post the process later). Here is “I’m getting close” photo:



If you decide to copy it, here are some things to be aware of:

  • It is designed for three fingers on a smallhand. Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen those statistics. Leave room in your blank to stretch it vertically.
  • The horns have too much curl in the drawing.
  • I used a much more pronounced “wasp waist”, which my pinkie is happier with.
  • When you first cut it out and try to hold it, you will go “no way will this ever work”. Shape the insides, leaving lots of meat on the outside and you’ll surprised at how much it opens up as you work to the lines.
  • The horns actually cradle your hand.
  • The hump became more pronounced and I was surprised at how comfortable it is.  Tip: Put the “high point” of the hump towards the bottom of the “meat” of your thumb joint.
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