Extreme Make Over

The new handle turned out pretty nice.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           The finish is varnish over linseed oil.

This saw has gone from
Two new handles, one new spine.

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3 Responses to Extreme Make Over

  1. myalbino says:

    Hey, the finish looks great! I was searching if it is advisable to “varnish over linseed oil” and your example demonstrates that you can.

    Would you be able to share how the finish is holding up and what varnish you used?


  2. Zander K says:

    Thanks! Most oil based varnishes use BLO as a base, so there is no problem. The only issue I’ve run into (and it is minor) is not letting the BLO dry enough before applying varnish (no longer tacky seems fine). I like “long oil” varnishes (like the 1-1-1 BLO/varnish/mineral spirits mix) finishes and I like tung oil the best. When I refinished my oak floor, I put down two coats of BLO before I varnished (Parks Polyurethane for Floors) and it has a nice glow/depth.

    I’ve been doing this for a long time and it holds up fine, I have furniture that is over ten years old in daily use with no issues. I use cheap Olympic Polyurethane.

  3. myalbino says:

    Thanks for the information Zander.


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