The Dead Can Dance

The rehab/rebuild/resurrection of the Spear & Jackson saw has been  completed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some pretty hefty reshaping of the handle, a couple of cracks epoxied shut, a mega soak in linseed oil, new screws (the nuts were reused), the nose was chopped off of the plate (to removed the crack), the spine chopped to match, as much curve removed from the spine as possible (a bit was filed off of the top of the front and back to make it seem a bit straighter), the spine was closed so it would grip the plate better (and wouldn’t need those asinine pins), the plate was de-rusted (and left cratered), all patina removed (might as well blow off pretending this is in the original condition), new teeth and sharpened cross cut. Original TPI was kept. Despite the plate looking like the craters of the moon national park, the saw seems to cut just fine. Amazing enough, the plate was straight.

To give you an idea of how bad the pitting is, take a look at this:

I think I’ve converted a corpse into a nice user with a lot of life left in it. Should the plate crap out, it can be easily preplaced.

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