Yet Another Back Saw Till

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I have a few back saws and need to store them someplace (so many tools, so little room!), preferably in my hanging tool chest, which means I need a saw till. This till is a slight variation on the tills where the saw is supported by the handle such that the blade leans OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         forward against the back of the till. Just to be different, in this till, the bottom of the blade rests on a shelf and the blade leans backwards against a wire hook. Not better than any other till but it is simple, small/compact, fits in my case, saws are easy to remove and replace and it is simple to modify when I swap out saws.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Construction is simple and really cheap – the whole thing was made from a fir 2 x 4, some bicycle spokes, bits of steel, glue and screws.

The main structure is a U that supports the saws. The blade heel rests on the bottom stile and the battens/slats are attached to the side rails. 1” x 5/8” (not at all critical). It is ~15” tall (my longest saw blade is 14”) and the same width as your mounting space. Having it a bit longer than your longest saw gives you some wiggle room at the top when removing and returning a saw.

The battens are 1/4” x 1 1/5” cut from the sides of a 2 x 4. Their sole purpose is to prevent a saw from cutting your case and to hold the wires. Use as many as you like, spaced however you like. Leave ‘em long and you can test how your low angle planes work on end grain. I used one batten at the bottom to tie the bottom stile to the rails.

detail2The wires are just bicycle spokes (stainless steel!) bent at both ends. The board end is a “Z” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         shape, the very end pokes into a hole in the board (to keep it vertical and prevent flopping) and has a flat clamping area. The hook end is shaped such that, when the saw touches the wood, it is free of the hook and the saw leans back into the hook. Place them towards the top of the saw.

The clamp is just a small chunk of metal with a hack sawed grove and a hole. It holds the wire to the wood and keeps the saw from falling over backwards.

To remove a saw from the till (one hand only!) (note that you are looking at the sides of the saws, see the first photo):
– Pick out the saw you want to remove.
– Put your hand on the upper part of the blade and press the saw against the wood.
– Tilt the spine a smidge and let the saw fall into your hand.

To return a saw (again, one hand):
– Holding the upper spine, slide the saw into it’s slot, but a few inches high.
– Lower the saw until the heel rests on the bottom stile.
– Move the spine against its wire, and let the saw relax into the hook.

If you are worried about the saw teeth trying to cut the metal bits (which doesn’t happen because the wires act as barriers), do as I do and use plastic tooth guards (you can see the guards in the pictures).

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