A Bit of Progress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Not much is happening, waiting for tools to show up.
Slotted the elm handle (poorly, the blade slot is out of plane with the spine mortise, arg!). Did a bit more shaping on the handle. Glued (epoxy) the Madrone (remembered the name of the wood) handle back together, looks like Frankenstein, the breaks were not very clean.
Did a trial fit because I was itching to see if things would line up. I’m cautiously optimistic.

The hole punch I ordered did show, the one that is going to save my bacon when making OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         holes in the saw plate (and only $25). Sharpening drill bits every hole gets old fast. This thing is a Roper-Whitney knock off and supposedly has a one ton punching power so it will just vaporize that 0.020” (5 sheet of paper) saw plate, right? Not even, and that was a 5/32” hole. I had to put a 2’ cheater bar to get the needed leverage, which made lining up the holes a real joy. And it makes one heck of a bang when the hole is punched. But the holes are really nice.


Did a bunch of shaping on the Madrone handle. Not sure why, it is soft and stands a good chance of breaking (which it has done at least twice already) but it sure is beautiful wood. Good practice if nothing else. These two handles are “phaties” – I started out with 1 1/8” stock to see if it fit my hand better than 7/8” stock. It does. I’m also leaving a lot of meat on to make up for the the weaker wood. A test fit showed I got the hang too low, need to update the plan.

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