I get a thrill when I drill a bicuspid

(Little Shop of Horrors)

Two different ways to do the initial tooth shaping with a file. Either way, you’ll wish you had a tooth cutter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         1) Print a paper template (there are several out on the web) that has lines spaced at the tpi/ppi you want and wrap it around the saw plate. Clamp in the saw vise and file on the lines OR between lines, not, as I did, both. The file with want to skate (badly as it gets dull) so it can be hard to keep the spacing equal. I did such a poor job on this 16 tpi plate that I ground off the teeth and started over. At one tooth every 1/16”, there isn’t much room for error.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         2) Use a threaded rod as a guide. I saw this method on woodnet.net forums. Hold a piece of all thread with the desired tpi against the saw plate, put your file in one of the groves and file both the rod and the plate. The file doesn’t slip because it is held in place by the threads. I got a much more uniform tooth spacing. The orange clamp is to try and keep the plate from vibrating as it extends way above the vise jaws. Doesn’t work all that well, wear ear plugs.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The all thread pictured here is 3/8" x 16 tpi. If I was serious, I would quarter the rod so it was small and had two flats for registration.


Hold the file at the desired rake angle as you cut the teeth and add fleam/bevel on another pass (if crosscut). I didn’t do this when cutting the pictured teeth and that was a mistake. Or, just just nick the plate at the desired tpi, then remove the all thread and shape the teeth.

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