Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

(Rolf Harris)
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         While surfing ebay (proof I don’t have a life), I noticed somebody selling punches + mounts that make the punch much easier to use for tough materials. And they had a video to prove it. Since I already have the punch, was feeling to cheap to buy the bracket even if they were selling it by itself, and I needed something to do, I decided to make a bracket. The bracket is mounted to a 2 x 6 with 1/4” bolts and has a old metal stool leg as a cheater bar. The mount makes all the difference, the punch is much more pleasant to use.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         To build the mount, I cut three strips of 1” x 1/4” hot rolled steel strap and welded two of them as uprights on the third. No measurements, just by eye (this was one of those quick and dirty projects). Did a tiny bit of dressing with the grinder, used a crescent wrench and a metal working vise to sorta straighten out the warpage induced by welding. Two 1/4” holes were drilled in the base for the hold down bolts. For the cross bolt, I used a 1/2” bolt. One upright is drilled at 1/2” and the other side was tapped for the bolt (1/2” x 13 tpi). The ground down tip of the bolt is officially a locating pin but I had to grind out some really messed up threads (recycled bolt).

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