Prototype Time

I’m stuck at making a handle for a “saw suitcase”, the case is done but I’m having trouble making a heated bending jig so I can form the handle out of a 1/4” strip of oak (see Fine Wood Working’s Master Class in the June 2009 issue (No. 205)). Which has stalled making the next two saws. Which makes no sense but that’s where I’m at. So, rather than struggle with that, I’ll let it gestate and move on to something else – planes! I want to make a small 1/2” shoulder plane (I have 3/4”, 1”, & 1 1/2” ones). I drew up a few ideas and what I wound up with is small, as in 4” long. Looking at the drawing, it seemed like it might be too small to be practical so I made a couple of prototypes out of 1/2” poplar and pretended to use them. I think it is useable.
#1 wins because it is cuter.


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