Loose Screw

For the DIY AL13 plane, there are a couple of metal bits to make (depending on how crazy I get), lots of wood and metal shaping and lots of assembly. The body being stainless, there is going to be a mass of silver, it will be interesting to see what wood I use to get the proper contrast. Ebony would probably be quite nice but I don’t know if I can break into my [black as night] ebony 2×4 stash.

I haven’t received the kit yet, but I’ve been eyeballing Johnny Kleso’s (Rex Mill) lever cap screws that he made for the likes of Ron Brese (who makes an A13 styled plane). So I decided to make one. Andy didn’t have any stainless rod but I had some 1” titanium rod that I thought would look better than brass. It has a 3/8” x 16 (NC) thread and 0.855” OD head (a bit under 7/8”) (1” squares under the screw). I eyeballed everything, no measurements (other than the thread OD), no die (Ti doesn’t like dies), no nothing, just me, a Sharpie and a lathe. The top (rings and all) is supposed to represent a pagoda, why, I don’t know, I wasn’t conscious of it at the time. If I had CNC, I would have made the top dished.

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