Major Score

I won a benefit action of stainless steel infill kit at for the princely sum of $35, which is probably less than what it would cost me for materials. The parts are water jet cut from 3/16” and 1/8” SS plate. The plane is a 9” long X 2+” wide smoother based on a shortened Norris A13. I REALLY like the idea of a sweat proof plane; I never cease to get torqued when I find rust on one of my hand built wonders where a blob of sweat landed. Here is what the original auction included —–>

I believe Jim Yehle did the original design, shrinking the Norris design. Andy Lincoln cut the parts for the auctioned plane. After I won the auction, I talked to Andy and he very generously made a lever cap for me. Here it is, fresh out of the tank. To me, this the cap cries out for a more 3-D “organic” shape, I’m thinking some bending, building up up the area around the screw [hole] and then some major sculpting. I don’t see much room for embellishment to the body but I am happy to see that Andy added a curved toe and heel to Jim’s design. I might add brass “accents” between the dovetails to make them visible (after all, if you can’t see the dovetails, it might as well have been a one piece casting or welded plates).

Big ideas, can I implement?

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