Iron Ramp

I decided to kill a couple of birds with one stone by making the blade ramp integral to the sole. This way, the entire ramp and mouth are cut at once, guaranteeing everything is co-planer . Cutting the entire ramp isn’t any more painful than cutting the ramp in the sole so that is a major win. And I’ll avoid getting all neurotic trying to fit a ramp later (which is typically pined in place). The big unknown is if the wedge will be able to keep the blade in place; steel on steel (blade on ramp) has very low friction. It would be a disaster if the blade moved while planeing or when bumped. The steel ramp will also be the strike button.

To build this part, a piece of 1/4 steel was rough cut at the ramp angle (17 degrees) and tack welded in place (the little circles). Tack welds are weak but they don’t have to do much in this case. The sole was then mounted in the mill (at 17 degrees) and cut close to the final dimensions while NOT cutting through the bottom or past the vertical where front of the mouth would be. Here is where I got a of flash of inspiration: I could use a dove tail cutter to finish milling and it would leave a back bevel at the mouth. A good idea but I didn’t implement as well as I wanted and the mouth will probably be wider than I wanted.


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