Putting a lid on it

After eleven forever’s, it is starting to look like a plane. The second side was soft soldered on and, unlike the first side, didn’t stay square (it canted in a bit). A vise, a screw driver (between the plates) and a light touch squared it up to the same level as the other dents, divots and waves that will need to be lapped out. I opened up the sides to make sure the blade could be inserted and found that my drawing assumed a rubber blade and no infill. I also realized I needed to really round over the blade tang so it could rotate (the blade goes in on edge and is then rotated to flat. A 1/4” rectangle doesn’t rotate in a 1/4” slot). I milled off the all the excess on the dovetails (except for the wings holding the mouth together) because I have no patience.

The infill was then glued in with epoxy. After way too short a cure time (which may come back to haunt me), I cut the corners off (you can see one at front left). I’m hoping that the glue joint is very strong because I’d rather not pin the sides together but the other corner fell apart so I’m spooked (my speculation is that the heat of sawing undid the glue). After a ton of filing (I really should pull out the disk sander), the basic shape is there.


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