Take a little off the sides

Yippee! Finished the body (final shaping, lap and square) and iron (lap flush to the body, heat treat and sharpen).
Now for some test runs: Set the depth of cut to around 0.002” (half a sheet of paper, I’m not much into sub-micron shavings).
Pare a oak shoulder (end grain). Nice. (The stubby tenon is barely visible through the mouth, this is a piece of oak tongue and groove flooring).

Cleaning up a rabbit (long grain). No problems taking full length shavings on this 24” board (the same oak as above).


Next, I took a chunk of jatoba, used a hand saw to rough cut a 3/8” square rabbit and cleaned it up (just indexing off of each side) to check for square. Looks good to Mr. Lufkin.


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