Let’s get snecked!

Sneck (Wiktionary):
1. A latch or catch.
2. The nose.
85. The lump at the end of a plane iron that you smack to retract/adjust the iron.

The wedge on my plane works really well, which means the strike button doesn’t do much. (A strike button is used for fine adjustments; hit it and the iron retracts.) The solution is to add a sneck, which allows you to hit the iron directly to retract it. In this case, I cut off two pieces of the tang and silver brazed then to the bottom of the tang (you can see the silver lines, I was sloppy) and ground the shape. It works.

Here you can see the “harmon”, the 316 stainless steel filler I used to weld the O-1 blade to the mild steel tang. It was lapped flat before heat treatment and if it looks higher, it is an optical illusion. I often don’t polish the top of the iron, I kinda like the boiled in oil look and it will resist sweat a bit better than polished steel.


While I was messing with depth adjustment, I played the thin shaving game.

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