Shaping the infills

Now that I know what the frog will look like, but haven’t finalized the hole placements, I switched back to the infills. I really like the feel of the no-handle smother, so I’m pitching the traditional “ornate/formal” (for the lack of more appropriate terms) look, which I’m no good at anyway, for a more “organic” (code for “round” or silly putty) look.

I grip the bun (front) at about a 45 degree angle so square buns just don’t cut it (that square edge tries to drill a hole though my hand). The back of the bun is scalloped so there is lots of room to get your fingers in there and clean out stuck shavings. [I’ll let you add all the bun puns]

The tote is basically a less ornate version of my backsaw handle. The handle is quite a bit more laid down than usual (for handled planes) to give me more of that no-handle feel. I don’t know how to describe the difference in feel between, say, a Stanley and a “flat” plane but here is an attempt: With the Stanley, your forearm is parallel with the wood and you push with your [fore] arm. Without a handle, it seems like I’m pushing down and using more of my upper body to move the plane. Personal preference, my wrist is [a bit] more comfortable with the no handle plane.

The wood is glued up jatoba; I have lots, I’m cheap and the grain lines blend the glue lines pretty well. Three pieces in the bun, four in the tote (two “wings” will be added to the shown center section). This stuff is hard, it feels like I’m carving rock.

The tote grip is 1 1/4” wide.

I don’t see the need for a lateral or height adjuster; compared to a wedge, a screw cap doesn’t grip all that tight. And, once you read the spell book, adjusting the iron is pretty easy. I can move the iron laterally by hand (you can on Stanley’s also).

Here is the progress so far: the bun is shaped, the tote is shaped enough to test the ergonomics, I’ll finish when the wings are glued on and trimmed to size.

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