Excrement! or “mistakes were made”

I just hate it when I do this. I didn’t trace the side plates onto the infill before I started removing wood and what do you know, I cut too low (you can see the shims under the infill to raise it up). Now I have a problem to patch. I could start over (I hate doing that because I usually screw up again), glue a shim to the bottom of the infill and get yet another glue line or lower the side plates. I noticed that my Stanley’s have much lower side plates so I’m going to stare at that option for a bit.
Another question is: is the infill shape any good? It feels good but it sure looks different and has this weird skinny vs bulky & rounded vs square vibe.  On the other hand, the handle seems, to me, to have a rather pleasing humanoid form (now, if I could carve some arms holding the iron …).


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