Calm has been restored

I read that jatoba is one of the hardest woods in the world, 62% harder than hard maple. Sharp tools really make a difference and metal working files work great. I suppose it is kinda like working brass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Back to the boo-boo of cutting the infill too low; decided to make that a feature and cut down the metal sides to fit. The photo shows an “after” (with chamfer) next to a “before”. I’m thinking I’ll tweak the nose slope to match the tail although I’m a bit constrained by the cross pin hole. I’m likely to fill in the last tail cross pin holes as they are basically vestigial.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I flattened out the tail so the movement of the infill will be less obvious. The small chamfer on the very end will also help disguise this.

After looking at the tote some more, I think the upper “hole” is too square and too big. The “squareness” (at the very top of the finger hole) spoils the “flow”. Oh well, next time … or maybe I’ll open it up just a smidge and see if that helps.

If the wheel on your grinder is too big, just grind down some stainless steel – after shaping these two plates, mine is quite a bit smaller.

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