Char Broiled

Here is what the sole looks like after the studs have been silver brazed to it. The green goo is flux, the silver looking stuff is 56% silver (which melts at 1200F) and the black crap is burnt flux & oxidized stainless steel. The flux will dissolve in hot water. You’ll notice, on the left, the filled holes have been brazed. On the right, the other side of the pins have been peined (which closed the hole enough that the silver could not flow through). An experiment. The sole was preheated to 500F in the [kitchen] oven, which is quite helpful (apply the flux AFTER you preheat, you don’t want to contaminate the oven).


After a hot water soak, some work with wire brush, the bottom looks like –>

You can see how much material needs to be removed. Most, I’ll take off on the mill, using special tooling* to deal with the stainless steel, which can be very difficult to machine. The fill pins have been further peined (with a punch) just to be sure, for sure. (I didn’t taper the pin holes, just drilled them to clean up the rough water jet hole)
*I used a 3/8” 4 flute Cobalt M-42 fine tooth roughing end mill.

After milling, filing and sanding, things look pretty good. Below left, you can see where I got careless machining the pins and cut a tiny bit too deep (and then back filled with silver). The tops of the pins are visible because there was a big chamfer to fill. On the right, the pins have completely disappeared. There was a bit of a chamfer (from deburring) on the stud holes, which is why the silver circles are so big.


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