Decision Time

  So many options, so few decisions. I need to figure out what I’m going to do for a frog. Here are the options I’ve prototyped:


Two Bedrock style frogs:
– I have a steel frog that is attached by screws up though the sole (three holes came predrilled). Solid but ugly and hard to embed in the infill.
– Aluminum mouth block. No matter what, the sole holes have to be moved. Uggh. Screws up though the sole or screwed to the sole? Slots in the sole or in the block? Screw size?

Mired in indecision, I needed to do something so I forced my hand by drilling a hole in the aluminum. And milling a slot. Then another. Which meant screwed to the sole. Even though a 1/4” x 20 tpi would have over three threads in the 3/16” sole, which is plenty, I just didn’t like it. So that meant threaded studs attached to the sole. Space is pretty limited so the threaded hole in the studs has to extend into the sole. I left ~1/16” solid so I could flatten the sole without worrying about opening up the stud. Of the three holes in the sole, two have to be filled, one drilled out and two new ones drilled.

Here you can see the milled moth block; the bottom is milled for 3/8” studs and the top is milled for 1/2” screw heads, with a 1/4” slot in the middle for the screw heads to tighten against. The studs have been drilled and threaded but need to be shortened and have a step cut in the bottom. The small stud in one of the holes will be used to fill the hole. The two new hole positions are marked.


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