Le Frog, Part III

Here is the finished frog (well, almost, still need to finish shaping the grip and apply finish). The 3/4” (thick) aluminum mouth block has been screwed and glued (epoxy) to the infill. The frog is held to the sole with three 1/4” x 20tpi stainless screws (pan head because they are low profile (the tops are below the wood) and have a wide bearing surface). 1/2” (diameter) access holes have been drilled in the infill to allow for adjusting the frog.

Looking down on the frog

Looking down on the frog

Looking up at the frog

Looking up at the frog

The frog mounting studs

The frog mounting studs

It works really well. The mount is solid, easy to adjust and self aligning. This last [unexpected] benefit has turned out to be really nice as the two surfaces of my iron are ever so slightly out of parallel. The frog has enough slop that I can get perfect contact between the lever cap, iron and frog/bed. While I am worried about wood movement causing misalignment, I’m [currently] thinking it won’t be much of a problem. We’ll see.

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