Exposed! The Infill Inside Story! Exclusive Photos!

Here is a photo of all the parts to my infill smoother. All the parts on the bottom bolt into the shell (at top). The metals are titanium (the cap screw), 6061 aluminum (the mouth block), O-1 steel (iron) and stainless steel (shell (304), screws, pins, cap (304)). The wood is jatoba. From the left, the bun floats on two through pins, secured with screws (8-32). The heads of the screws (10-32) in the lever cap slip fit in the shell and provide the pivot points (the screws are not secured to the shell). The 1/4” O-1 iron is bedded at 55 degrees. The frog/tote is secured to the shell with three 1/4”-20 screws, which provide for a variable mouth opening (I think I have enough movement for a 3/16” iron).

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