Make it fit like a glove

Time to make the tote fit my hand. The process goes something like this: Plane for a while. Where does my hand hurt? Why? Remove a little bit of wood with a file (because I’m not going to be able to add wood so screwing up would be unpleasant). Repeat. Lots of times. I did this over a couple of days to give my hand a rest and ensure residual soreness wasn’t slewing the results. There was a lot of use the plane, “OK, that is uncomfortable” and peeling up one finger at a time (with my other hand) to see what was offending that finger. This is quite a bit more complex than it might seem at first glance.
I’m using two metal files; one fine and one coarse. The pad is too keep the sides from getting more scratched up as there seems to be some grit like stuff on the bench (not surprising).
This is a four finger tote. Or three, works both ways.
You can see the finished bun, pretty amazing what BLO will do to the color (varnish adds the shine). The bun and tote are from the same piece of wood.


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