Dovetail Chisel

Jameel Abraham of Khalaf Oud Luthiery has a blog entry on designing the Czeck Edge chisel, which struck me as a really cool design. I forgot about it until I was thinking about grinding and remembered a chisel I had made some years ago but never finished. Combine the two and I could make a Jameel style chisel. The chisel is a laminate of O-1 and mild steel, welded together (rather poorly). I don’t remember why I didn’t finish it, I think it was undersize (supposed to be 3/8”). I just free handed the side bevels on the grinder and eyeballed everything. Then I used 120 grit cloth to do the final shaping. I didn’t anneal the chisel, as it was mostly mild steel. right?before Wrong, 1/4” O-1 + 1/8” mild, which made sanding slow. Still, time wise, it was probably a wash compared to annealing, shaping and re-heat treating. The wood is a bit of apple sap wood and the steel cap has protrusion that contacts the end of the chisel shank so when you strike the cap, you are hitting the chisel, the wood just floats on the shank.


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