OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This bench is going to have “traditional” feet, I like the look. Duct tape was used to establish the arc, I picked an arbitrary lip (1/4”). I roughed it out on the bandsaw and cleaned it up with rasps, files and shoulder planes. With one finished, it was used to trace out the other three.
The bottom relief is 3/4” and was cut out on the bandsaw and then drilled with a 1 1/2” forstner bit from both sides (the opposite of the sensible order but that allowed me to index off the relief). And yes, I did it in the mill. Cleaned up with planes.
I put a heavy (1/4”) round over on everything because fir isn’t all that strong.
Turns out one of my 4x4s is cedar, I have no idea where that came from, not ideal as it is softer than fir but the shop sure smelled good after cutting it.

Here you can see how narrow the bench top is, the legs will be flush with the sides (15”). The extra width will keep the bench from tipping and probably cause me lots of tripping.

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