Pizza Vise?

Cut the mortises by hogging out most of the waste with a forstner bit, followed by a 1/2” pattern bit in a router. Couldn’t get deep enough, so chopped the rest of the way to the center of the earth (2 1/2” is a deep mortise). Banged it together (no glue) and am surprised and pleased at how stable it is, I guess those elephant tusk sized tennons work pretty well.

Started thinking about a leg vise. I have a big chunk of spruce from a tree that fell down in my front yard but it is a pretty unpleasant piece of wood, very fast growth and full of big knots and, as far as I can tell, completely unplaneable. I have a friend with a drum sander, we’ll see how that works. Roughed out the shape just to look at it, reminds me more of a pizza paddle than a vise.


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