Heaters and screw ups

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Boy, it has been hard to get anything “real” done; I decided to take advantage of the tax incentives and replace my 40 year old furnace and air conditioner. All fine and dandy (other than sticker shock) but the old A/C unit is in front of the cut off switch, which is, apparently, a code violation, so that meant [re]moving the old cement slab to make room for a new one about displaced about a foot. Grrr. A lot of work just to save space in a garden bed. My tankless water heater also needs to move to fix another code violation, it has been a real joy [NOT] to figure out the right vent parts. Stainless steel venting is expensive.

I must say that wide drum sanders really rock. It really worked a treat on the knotty spruce vise face [chop]. What didn’t work [at all] was my attempt to make a wooden screw. I mounted a router on my metal lathe and, using a 60º bit (the angle of modern screw forms, traditional wooden screws use 90º but I didn’t want to make a bit for cutting the nut). I set the lathe for four threads per inch (the lowest my lathe goes), switched on the router and started cutting thread. Even with a vacuum right there, saw dust was thrown everywhere, truly unpleasant getting blasted. And the threads are horrible. So off to the scrap yard where I found a 3/4” x 5tpi Acme screw for 80 cents. I ordered a nut for $6, hope it fits.


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