Long shooting board

Just realized I can use my bench as a long shooting board, how simple is that? I don’t have a power jointer (ignore that blue POS blob), keep forgetting I have a jointer fence (how lame is that?) and can’t free hand a 90º edge to save my life so this is pretty handy for longer boards.

Procedure: Put spacers on bench. Put board on spacers. Clamp. Plane. Admire long square edge.
Learnings: I knew I would find a reason to keep the wagon vise hand wheel lower than the bench top (the plane can hit it). Pulling the plane works really well. I really hate using a Bailey plane on a shooting board, here they work quite nicely (as you can use both hands to pull it).
shooting board

Please don’t ask why I don’t have a fence permanently attached to one of my four jointer planes.

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