This vise is nice

bench end viewYea! the acme nut fit! I turned a knob for the screw from 2” steel rod and brazed it on. While that cooled down, I drilled 3/4” holes in the chop (vise face) and bench leg, did a test run. That went well so I chopped the mortise for the bottom leg of the vise (whatever that is called, the foot?). Which, at 3 1/4” was beyond most of my tooling and there was no way I could chop it manually and stay square so I drilled it with a forstner bit, then manually cleaned it up. In order to drill all the way through, I could only hold about 1/4” of the bit in the cullet (I used the mill). Running with scissors. The pin is a 3/8” steel rod epoxied into a turned oak handle. Put things back together and it works quite nicely. It will never be confused with a Benchcrafted Glide but $7 is a bit cheaper than $325 (OK, I admit it, I think the Glide is seriously cool but I’m seriously cheap and I pay myself the princely sum of $0 per hour (if I didn’t, it would have been cheaper to buy a Glide) and I was too lazy to copy the Glide even though I have the parts). Still have to figure out what I want to do for a garter (so the chop retracts when backing off the screw).

– Lots of gription. I can pick up the bench by that block and the vise isn’t all that tight.
– If I forget or mis-set the pin, I’ll probably break the foot. I might want to make the mortise taller.
– I had thought the leg would rest on the foot but the long screw holes means the screw holds it level (the holes are just a bit bigger than the screw). As the holes wear, the leg will probably sag onto the foot and then I might add a [plastic] rub block.
– I’m surprised at how easily it moves with no bushing or bearings. It probably doesn’t hurt that Spruce is just a little heavier than Balsa.
– Leg vises seriously rack. The screw and the foot try to resist but I bet I could break the foot and bend the screw pretty easily. Better wear my “don’t be stupid” hat.
vice knob

I’m probably just a little too pleased at how the knob turned out. But I am. It is a little too close to the chop for my fingers so maybe I’ll space it out with a garter.

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