OSHA approved

I don’t like square ends on table tops, because I run into them and it hurts! Since this bench will be sitting in the middle of my really small work area, I’m going to be bumping into it a lot, so no pointy parts. I added a couple of other constraints, just because I could: add some “pizzazz” and don’t shorten the top too much. I doodled, on the top, ideas until I came up with three circles, one 25”ish and two 4 1/4” (the white Mars-Plastic erasers work well on wood, as long as you use a soft lead fat pencil and don’t press too hard). Then I looked around the shop for circle things, grabbed a bicycle rim and a can of paint. Good enough (after grabbing, and discarding, a bunch of other sizes). I didn’t take any pics of the cutting process, too bad as it was pretty twitchy. I have a bow saw but I’m horrible with it. I don’t have a jig saw so I rough cut to about 1” from the lines with a hand saw and used a chisel to define the line to about 3/8” deep. Then a 1/2” pattern bit (smallest I have) in the router. The top mounted bearing rode against the chisel line. What a fricken mess. Eye protection, ear protection, lung protection and a layer of sawdust between me and my clothes. I refined the shape with files.


In case you are wondering, those are patches covering knots I cut out.

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