The wedge

Oh boy, did I jinx myself when I said I didn’t like glue lines. I want to use this particular piece of purple heart for the wedge, the color is wonderful (same piece of wood as the wedge in the previous posting) but I only have a single length of it. I cut enough for the wedge and as I was drawing on the shape, I kept wanting more on the top. Which meant glue because I don’t have a thicker piece. Being a tight wad (and not thinking ahead), I sliced off the ramp and glued it where I needed the extra for the hump. I should have built up the bottom but noooooooo. In my defense, I did do a three piece test glue up and the glue lines are completely invisible. But not here. You can’t see it in the photos but you sure can “in the flesh”. Arghhhh. The other jinx was I didn’t plan out where I was going to get the other cheek from and, as it turns out, the piece I needed had a crack in it from one end to the other (gapping to thin). At least that glue joint is invisible (so far). Using a shop vac to suck glue through a thin crack really works. Other than those little annoyances, the wedge is done (maybe).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I’ve made a minor change in plans, except I don’t have a plan, in that I’m going to use a #3 (1 3/4”) iron instead of making one. Quite a bit thinner than the 1/8” I was thinking but I have three of these in the bone yard, might as well get some use out them.

I decided to put some cupid bow like features on the end of the wedge. Not so sure about these but it’s not like you’ll be able to see them.

Reading this, you might get the impression that I’m completely winging this. You would be right.

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