Wedge Ramps

Presto chango, part II. Pretending to use the plane, I noticed that there wasn’t much room for my fingers and a pin in the throat, especially the big wooden pin I was thinking I wanted to use. So I decided to use ramps instead, to hold the wedge. Not a particularly good idea in retrospect, they were a real pain in the butt to install and I wouldn’t be surprised if they fail. They do work really well however, the wedge doesn’t need to be much more than hand tight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         In the photo, you can see the pins I used for alignment. These are just brads I hammered in and clipped the heads off of. The cheek is bigger in all dimensions and will be trimmed to size after glue up (to make the glue up a little less stressful if I have to move things around in the heat of the moment).
The ramp screws are there for basic alignment and to act as pins, glue does the real work. To attach the ramps, glue was applied, screws loosely tightened, wedge and iron inserted and a feeler gauge was used to make sure the ramp was in full contact over it’s entire length, then screws tightened and a clamp applied. Sounds simple but once the glue is squeezed out (I used PVA (yellow) glue), the ramps don’t move, you only get a few attempts to get things aligned before you have to remove the ramp and start over. Took me like four tries on one ramp. My tolerance was around one thousandth of an inch over the length of the ramp.

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