Fine Tuning

The plane worked pretty good on thin stuff but on thicker stuff (3/4+), there was a LOT of chatter (if you look at the shavings in the previous post, the short & narrow ones are where the blade dug in and popped back out generating the narrow shaving and a divot). This was caused by two things: The Sargent blade(s) I was attempting to use did not have a uniform thickness and the bed was not flat. The blades were a bit cupped and I don’t think the wedge was able to force them flat so the middle had room to dive before it hit the bed. A Lee Valley blade took care of that. The bed had a cup of about two thousandths (of an inch, half a sheet of paper, I used a feeler gauge to determine this) in the middle, again allowing the middle of the blade to dive. I used 220 grit paper to remove that, being very careful not to change the bed angle (which would adversely the wedge). I used the [entire] blade to press the paper against the bed and then withdrew them both. The thicker blade caused the mouth to close to about eight thousandths. That was good enough to get rid of the chatter on a 1 1/8” thick piece of walnut.

These shavings are about 0.002” – 0.004”, which is way too thick for human power on a board this thick. I had to use both hands to muscle these cuts. Looks like some more fine tuning is in order. Or maybe a new plane with a skewed blade.

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