Push pull saw?

A bit stymied by a construction “detail” with the mitre plane I’m working on, so I pulled out a couple of “in progress” tools that I work on every now and then, a carcass backsaw and a 1” shoulder plane. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The wood in the plane is Cocobolo and is stunning when planed (it is sanded and fuzzy in the photo) but I don’t particularly like working it (and I don’t have an allergy to it [yet]), I don’t know, I just don’t get warm fuzzies when working it. Plus, I not so hot on the Norris shape anymore so this project may take a while. The saw is going to be a longer, coarser toothed version the one pictured. Here, I’m testing the fit of the back mortise. The blade mount is going to be a bit different, instead of two mortises (one for the back, one for the blade), there is one and I’ll use spacers for the lower screw (essentially making the back deeper). This is a lot easier for me to fab accurately.

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