The Squid

While pondering a boring plane and how to make it un-boring (or less so), I had this idea:doodle Now, to find a little Captain Ahab to hang off the side.


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3 Responses to The Squid

  1. Raney says:

    Craig – just found your blog again, and was a little shocked to see my name – thanks for the mention ;) . I like the Squid concept – nice lines. Maybe a wedged miter, with a grip for your back hand integrated into the wedge? Heck, maybe an enormous bulb and you could rechristen it ‘the octopus’…Great name (ZK), by the way.Raney

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks Raney, I’ve admired your planes for a while as they peek of your posts on things like work benches. Then I saw the steel mitre in Jameel’s cabinet, then Father John’s wonderful photos. You need a gallery for your work!These "capped" planes are an experiment to see if I can hold them comfortably. I’ve always thought that the "improved" mitres (or the ones with a screw "locking" the wedge) looked painful to use but maybe not. On this one I’m making now, the cap sits under the cup of my hand so it is like it isn’t there (heel on the iron). I’ll have to think about a "phat" wedge, maybe like a ship’s poop deck

  3. Raney says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the ‘improved miter’ design. A friend of mine who makes incredible planes has take to referring to it as the ‘disproved miter’ for exactly that reason – totally uncomfortable to use.

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