The hot box

Ahh, winter. The time of the year when pumpkin pies and good cheer abound, I freeze my tushie riding my bike, epoxy doesn’t cure and finish doesn’t dry. My shop spends the winter in the fifties (ºF, well insolated but no heater). the epoxy I’m using cures at above 70º. What to do? After a bit of cogitating and experimenting, a light bulb went on, so I grabbed it and put it to work. I have a 25 watt bulb in a work light sitting on an insolating pad (don’t want a fire) in a small cooler. I change the bottom opening to control the temp, it hovers around 100º.


If you make one of these, be sure and check, check, check the temp. A dimmer would be nice but I didn’t feel like buying one. I started with a 100W bulb and the temp was probably pushing 200º.  Which is past the point where PVA glues melt and epoxy fails.

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