Humpty Dumpty: That’s a wrap

Some photos of the finished plane.
The plane is shown smoothing the piece of Bubinga that I used for the prop and a bit of oak flooring.

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5 Responses to Humpty Dumpty: That’s a wrap

  1. Raney says:

    Nice -I really like this one Craig; I think the lever cap with the wedge looks really nice, and it looks comfortable. I would have been worried it would look busy, but I think it works really well — it’s got a nice visual balance

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks! It does work really well, better than I was hoping. I’m working on a wedged version, which I think will work better (as you speculated). I think my new rule of thumb is bevel up, wedge; bevel down, cap screw. I noticed that Stanely type block planes have a long lever and I think that is a good idea but haven’t figured out how to do that in a way that I think would look good.

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  4. patw99 says:

    I like it, looks smooth and it makes me jealous. I have just begun to try and make a hand plane and if it is on thing I have always had a problem with it’s patience and work like this takes it in spades. I am starting out with little money and more desire haha. I can’t remember when or where I found your page at but it’s one I consistently come back too for inspiration. It’s not that I want to be a great plane maker and get $5,000.00 for one plane (I wouldn’t turn my nose up if it happened though) I just want to be able to make them. It may have been youtube.

    • Zander K says:

      Thanks! I do love making planes – the concept is simple and can be done with simple tools, although I like to use metal working tools for the precision they offer. Bill Carters’ web site has tutorials that use the most basic of tools and his work is superb. I usually count on one major disaster per project so this can be trying work.

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