I can [re]handle that

Long winter break working on code (programming languages, garbage collection, compilers and related fun stuff, if you are interested, take a peek over at my other site: zenkinetic.com).

To get back into the wood working groove, I thought I’d make something I don’t have but should be pretty straight forward: a rip saw. I “liberated” an old rip saw (I think from between the big wars) from my friend Dick, who, I think, had been using it as a pruning saw and shovel. Tons of rust but not much pitting. I *hate* the handle, too blocky and it hurts my hand. Boring too. Perfect project saw! I really like the Disston D-8 Thumb hole so that was one influence, the rest is based on the backsaws I’ve been building. The “lamb’s tongue” is my idea for a table leg. I tried to keep the hang angle the same but it got tilted up a bit during the many, many redraws.mock up

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