Mr Ego takes one for the team

I picked through the “fire wood” pile (some woods “on the stump” my Dad gave me), the oak has been riddled by powder post beetles so that was out but the Madrone was OK although it is pretty soft. Squared it up at 1 1/4” thick (I like my handles quite a bit thicker than the norm), glued on the pattern then tried to figure out how to cut the slot. I like to use a machine or jig for this as I don’t have much confidence in my ability to saw a straight line but I was feeling really lazy and I have this newly rehab’ed 16” tenon saw that just happens to cut at close to the right width. Might as well see if it works.












Cuts pretty good too, one of my better sharpening jobs (ignoring that bobble at the toe; ghetto breasting). And I managed to split the line. Except. For. The. Top. CRAP! Grrr. It is off by 1/4”+ over the 26” length of the blade. I’m pretty sure this would be no big deal EXCEPT it is on the top where I’ll see every time I pick up the saw. The photo over there ———> is of the bottom, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the top. You can be sure I’ll be using that thumb hole so my hand covers it up! Note to self: Next time, start sawing at the top.

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