Does it work?

The saw plate seems like a pretty nice chunk of steel, it tapers from about 0.035” at the teeth to 0.025” at the top and also tapers from toe to tail (about 0.005”). It has graduated teeth and is stamped at 5 1/2. The hook angle looks to be about 0º. I kept those numbers when I sharpened it.
So how does it cut? Well, this ain’t no girlie man saw but I’m not a he man saw stud; I find it really hard to use on hard wood, those big teeth and aggressive rake tend to grab and the thin plate does not like that and bends. It is probably my lack of technique but it isn’t fun. On soft woods, once it gets started (which can be a PITA), it flies. I might change the rake to 4º and see if that mellows it out. However it does cut straight and there isn’t much blow out on hardwood (lots of blow out on soft woods).

Here is the front and back of a piece of Elm I drew lines on and cut (my hard wood test case):


Oh yeah, I do think the hang angle is on the high side.

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