Onion Dome Saw Till

Too much junk, too little space, saws piled on the floor getting walked on, gotta do something. I’d like to build one of those big honkin saw tills but a quick tour of the available wall space with a tape measure quickly showed me that wasn’t going to happen. Plus, I was more interested in getting it done vs a project. So, a basic four stick saw till. I used 3 1/2” wide 4/4 oak for the stiles and 2” 4/4 oak flooring for the rails. The stiles are notched for the rails, which are screwed on (no glue) and screwed to a wall stud. The slots are about 50º (40º off vertical), 1 1/2” apart and gang cut on the table saw (safe enough with lots of clamps and backer boards). The handle side slots are 2 1/2” and the tip sides are 2”. I stuck onion domes on the ends to add some flash and keep it from looking like one of my 2×4 projects. The the short grain between the “tines” isn’t a very strong design but I think it will be OK until I fall on it.
Addendum: Over two years later, it is holding eight saws and looks the same.

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