Reconditioned Cordless Tools

This is what a Millers Falls #2 egg beater drill looks like when reduced to its component parts. Or almost, as the chuck is still rusted shut. Just recently, I’ve started to uhhh, “accumulate” egg beaters after buying one to see if they work and finding that, yes indeed, they do and quite well for small holes. So I just had to get a large enough sampling to see how the various configurations performed. And, as usual, “restoritis” is getting progressively worse: first drill, just use it. Second, could use some paint, so paint it and re-lacquer the wood (I’d show pictures but I haven’t been able to keep the Kawasaki red paint from looking pink). Third: complete tear down and rebuild (it needed a fair amount work no matter what). Here, I’ve filed the frame to remove casting flash and even things up (the casting isn’t symmetrical) and am sanding the frame. I’ll probably just paint it but with all this work, it would be cool to black chrome it. The handle flange (under the blue tape) has been machined round so I can fix a known problem with these drills (cracking handles because of the poor fit of the handle ferrule to the frame, see page 6 of the first WK link below).


Georges Basement has an interesting “type study” of the No. 2 drill but mine has features of several types. I suspect this is a difficult endeavor. Randy Roeder’s A Millers Falls Home Page indicates this drill is from around 1929 (Hand Drills 2 through 4D).

Check out Wiktor Kuc’s Anatomy of the Millers Falls Hand Drill No. 2 – 1903 for a really nice “how to” and his beautiful Millers Falls Hand Drill No 2 – 1921 restoration (both of which are earlier than this drill).

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